Eileen Markey believes the best reporting is a mix of detective work and listening to voices often ignored. It is defined by critical thinking, honesty and independence. Trained under legendary investigative journalist Wayne Barrett, Markey knows the power of public records to reveal the truth and relishes the hunt for facts. She’s as skilled at sifting through arcane documents as she is at sitting long enough and listening closely enough to learn an untold story. Her career reveals this combination of hard-headed digging and open-ended storytelling.

In print and online

Markey’s work has appeared in The New York Times, the New York Daily News, New York magazine, The Village Voice, The Wall Street Journal, Newsday, City Limits, America: The Jesuit Review and Killing the Buddha magazine. Her deeply researched articles examine how New York State’s method of counting prisoners as residents of the place where they are incarcerated dilutes voting power in New York City; show the devastation that subprime lending wrought on a working class neighborhood; explore the effect of over-leveraged real estate investment on low-income housing; and catalogue the toll of violence in Bronx neighborhoods, tracking the skirmishes of the war on drugs and telling the stories of citizens and activists working to create change.


The New Republic

What Happened to Irish America? - March 2018


The New york Times

Where West Africa Goes Straight to Video - April 2005

The wall street journal

In Borough Park, Whispers About a Loner - July 2011


America: The Jesuit Review

Can We Use Public Health Methods to Cure the Disease of Gun Violence - October 2018

Canadian Catholics Grapple with a History of ‘Whitewashing’ Indigenous Children - June 2018

How Standing Rock Became a Spiritual Pilgrimage for Activists - June 2017

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Busted Halo

New York’s Island of the Dead - June 2010

Freedom and Beauty: Iraqi Refugee Artists Find a Home in a Hell’s Kitchen Church - May 2009

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City Limits

From Haiti To A Housing Crisis: Earthquake Evacuees Struggle - September 2010

Hey, That’s My Prisoner: Pols Want the Numbers - February 2007

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Canonization for the Masses - November 2018

The New York Times

Mamaroneck Settlement Doesn’t Quell the Debate - July 2007

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New York magazine

As More Landlords Stagger Under Debts, Thousands of Tenants Face Abandonment - December 2009

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The Village Voice

Herc’s Building Saved, But What About Other Mitchell Lamas? - March 2008

Trinity House Residents Seek ‘Kool Herc’ Reprieve - March 2008

Tenant Harassment Bill to Become Law - March 2008

Subprime Mortgage Wasteland in the Bronx - March 2008

Kool Herc Fights to Save Birthplace of Hip Hop - January 2008

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The Wall Street Journal

City Repair Charges Turn Into Liens - August 2011

Man Poisons Wife Then Himself, Police Say - March 2011

Drawn to City’s Glamour, Cut Down by a Serial Killer - January 2011

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ON the air

Markey helped write, produce and edit WNYC’s campaign-coverage site It's a Free Country and contributed audio-rich reporting on hunger, government services and voting access and participation. As an occasional producer on the Peabody award-winning Brian Lehrer Show, she researched and prepared in-depth interviews with policy makers, authors and other public figures.    

in the classroom (and on the streets)

Markey believes it is a responsibility and privilege to help inspire the next generation of journalists. As a full-time lecturer in the Department of Journalism and Media Studies at Lehman College she teaches courses on reporting, media ethics, the media industries, public relations and the role niche journalism plays in shaping understanding of US life, immigrant experience and ethnic or racial identity.

Since 2010 she has led college-credit journalism courses for high school students in Lehman’s College Now Summer Multimedia Arts Academy in first-hand reporting and research on issues that affect their lives in the Bronx such as health justice, gang violence, policing, gentrification and housing; at the end of each summer they produce a news magazine.

From 2012 to 2014 she also taught newswriting and journalism courses at Hunter College and Long Island University, always with a focus on developing real world, on-the-street experience as a working journalist.

in HARD cover

Markey relied on archives, declassified government records and deep, skilled interviewing in four countries to piece together a Cold War story of love and revolution in A Radical Faith: The Assassination of Sister Maura, published in 2016 by Nation Books.


On a hot and dusty December day in 1980, the bodies of four American women—three of them Catholic nuns—were pulled from a hastily dug grave in a field outside San Salvador


In the Archives

In addition to her own reporting, Markey has provided research assistance for organizations and for other writers.

For Good Jobs NY, a not-for-profit focused on accountability for government subsidies, Markey was the lead researcher on a comprehensive project mapping the influence-peddling that created the new Yankee Stadium.

Markey provided research assistance to author Robin Shulman for Eat the City (Broadway Books, 2013) and to author Joe Flood for The Fires (Riverhead, 2010).